Welcome to Vallei Farms

Vallei Farms was established in Coleman, WI in 1992 by Gary and Val Jashinsky and their four children, Brent, Chris, Leigh, and Gary.  The farm started very small with the family growing cucumbers that were handpicked for local canning factories.  The small hobby grew into a larger farm that now supplies a variety of vegetables for multiple grocery stores across the states of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.  The farm is owned and operated by the Jashinsky family and has been built through their relentless dedication and love for growing produce.  The sweet corn and vast majority of the produce is handpicked.  Diligent planning is used each year to provide the most delicious vegetables possible for the growing season.  As the farm has grown, so has the Jashinsky family.  Please enjoy the photos throughout the website of the farm and the family.  We hope you enjoy the produce and the website.---Leigh (Jashinsky) McGough

"From Our Family To Yours"